Dreaming of a profitable, hassle-free business that lets you work from the comfort of your home?

Meet MundoMab: your gateway to building a successful online business digital products.

What are digital products ?

Digital products are sellable items delivered online, eliminating the need for stock management or physical delivery. Accessible worldwide, digital products present a lucrative business opportunity, empowering you to establish your own online business and secure daily earnings.

Explore the incredible potential of selling digital products online, and embark on a journey towards financial independence.

What digital products does MundoMab offer?

Mundo Mab specializes in printable event kits, offering everything from birthday invitations to banners, stickers, and unique decorations to spruce up any festive occasion. We invite you to share in our success by selling our popular products under your own brand name. Enjoy MundoMab's quality guarantee, without our branding. We provide white-label digital products customized to carry your brand identity.

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Where can I sell MundoMab's digital products?

Etsy and Amazon are popular platforms for selling digital products, offering a steady stream of prospective customers. If you prefer to strike out on your own, you can market your products on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and more. You can also set up your automated online store for passive income 24/7. Visit MundoMab's online store for inspiration.

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Ready to start selling digital products. Where can I get them?

We operate through the trusted platform Fiverr. Visit our Gig and request your first digital product today. Benefit from our special June offer: 60% OFF!

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Why choose Mundo Mab's printable kits?

  • A higher number of pieces per kit
  • Delivered in PDF format
  • 100% customizable in a simple and fast way
  • Wide variety of characters and event themes

Check our products


Printable Set

Printable labels, stickers, stickers for notebooks, bookmarks, labels for notebooks, stickers to mark objects.

Candy Bar

Printable Kits

Bottle tags, Cup Sleeves, Straw Flag, Happy Meal Box, Pillow Bag, etc.

Invitation Cards

Custom design

The best designs and completely personalized styles.


Printable Sets

Card and scrapbooking elements made to order and personalized.

Ready To Rock?

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